Agricultural Sheeting

Nursery Growing Bags from RHINO PLASTICS from 4 liters to 200 Liters in either Virgin or Re-cycled material.

Mulch Films - Recycled Black - Virgin Black - White - and Virgin Brown from 20µm to 45µm. Retain moisture, curb weed growth and raise the temperature of the soil for winter or early spring planting.

Cloche Film - Clear or shaded film - 60 or 80µm. Protect young plants from frost and wind.

Silage Film - Create the ideal conditions for making silage to feed your livestock. Available in plain Black or co-extruded Black and White. The Black and White is used with the white on the outside to keep the silage cooler.

Hydroponic Sheeting - Create beds with any growing medium to optimise your use of water and nutrients, all year round.

Banana Blue - Cover your bananas with blue sheeting to protect against cold and wind damage - 30-50µm in Virgin, Blend or Fully Recycled material.

Dam Liners - Imported Polypropylene or HDPE as well as locally manufactured LDPE. Conserve water, it is precious and scarce!!

Greenhouse Sheeting - We can supply locally manufactured sheeting in 200µm or SUNMASTER co-extruded sheeting imported i n 180 or 200µm with a 24, 27 or 33 Month Written Warranty.