PVC Pressure piping comes in three types ie. oPVC, uPVC & mPVC, and can be supplied from 20mm - 500mm (outside diameter) with pressure ratings from 4 bar to 20 bar.

Movable Irrigation Pipes include Perrot pipes, Bauer pipes, Latch pipes and All black pipes.

Galvanized pipes are available up to 6m lengths. Various pipes are available in PVC and Galvanized mild steel.

Sewer & Drain pipes are also made in two types ie. Solid wall and Structured wall, with sizes ranging from 50mm to 160mm, for above and below ground applications.

High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) piping is normally used for high pressure applications and is available from 16mm to 1000mm OD with pressure ratings up to 16 bar. In a structured wall form it is used for Cable Ducting, Slotted Drain piping for Agriculture as well as Storm water Drainage or Sewer mains, up to 110mm OD.

Low Density Polyethylene (LDPE) piping is used for low pressure applications, mainly in Agriculture, and is available in sizes from 10mm to 80mm (Inside Diameter), and only in 3 and 6 bar rating.

We can also supply other forms of plastic piping for specialized applications such as Polypropylene (for high temperatures) and ABS piping for use in the Food industry. These pipes are not as freely available as PVC, HDPE and LDPE.