Our Pricelists

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Title Description Date uploaded Download
VALVES & BRASS FITTINGS Gate Valves, Nylon & Brass Valves, Non Return Screens & Taps Geka, Brass Compression & Copper Capillary 2020-08-21 Download
VYRSA Vyrsa Info, Air Valves & Regulators, Vyrsa Sprinklers Vyrsa Rotec & IR Junior 2020-08-21 Download
HUNTER & TORO Controllers, Sprinklers, Rotors, Valves, Nozzels, Accessories & Toro Drip 2020-08-21 Download
PUMPS Leo Pumps, Waterfall Pumps & Water Meters 2020-08-21 Download
JOJO Jojo Tanks 2020-08-21 Download
ADDITIONAL PRODUCTS Alprene Fittings, Flowmeters (Rotameters), Micro, Bidim & Drainage Ropes, HDPE/LDPE Pipe, Filters & water Filtration 2020-08-21 Download
MALLEABLE FITTINGS Galvanised Fittings & STD Pipes, black Fittings & Stainless Steel 2020-08-20 Download
POLY PROP FITTINGS PVC Riser pipes Drip & Micro Polyprop Fittings & Vanlock 2020-08-20 Download
CLAMPS Wire, Worm and Steel Clamps 2020-08-20 Download
FLANGES & JIS Rubber Insertion Rings, Steel Flanges & Buttweld (jis) Fittings 2020-08-20 Download
MULTI RANGE FITTINGS Multi Range 2020-08-20 Download
QUICK COUPLING FITTINGS Quick Coupling, Perrot, Bauer, Latch, All Black System & Wahl Above Ground 2020-08-20 Download
QUICK COUPLING ACCESSORIES Hydrants, Foot Valves, Hydromatics ,Piplets, Riser Pipe, Dragline Stands Saddels Foot Pieces & Miscellaneous 2020-08-20 Download
RAIN BIRD Low Flow Sprinkler (LF 2400) 2020-08-21 Download
SIME GUNS SIME GUNS 2020-08-21 Download
SOLVENTWELD Bailey Cement & Cleaner. UPVC Valves & Fittings 2020-08-21 Download
SOUTHERN CROSS Southern Cross Items 2020-08-21 Download
TANK CONNECTORS Tank Connectors 2020-08-21 Download
TRAVELLING IRRIGATORS IU Crawler Rotrix & Ocmis 2020-08-21 Download
FITTINGS FOR PVC PIPE Pipe Gel LM6 & Cast Iron Fittings Fabricated & Grey Moulded Fittings 2020-08-20 Download
CAMLOCKS Camlock Fittings 2020-08-20 Download
COMPRESSION & SADDELS Compression Fittings & Saddels 2020-08-20 Download
VALVES Butterfly & Wafer Valves 2020-08-20 Download
HOSES PVC Hoses & Rubber Hoses 2020-08-21 Download